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Talara - Piura , Peru

The history of Lobitos speaks for itself. There are large abandoned houses all over the village, creating an appearance similar to the Wild West. The Sacred Heart of Jesus church and the administrative offices of the old oil wells are constructions that are now protected by national laws. Talara is a 15 minute drive south at 1137 kilometres on the North Pan-American Highway, between the millenary Cerros Amotape and La Brea, which form part of the Cerros Amotape National Park. In this city you can visit the Miguel Grau portrait, the cathedral, the Civic Centre, Park 44, the El Tablazo neighbourhood and the statue of Jesus in the Talara Alta Park. The carnivals are very popular, especially at Easter, so it’s not unusual to see the city full of people in March or April, coinciding with these holidays.
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