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Litueche - O'Higgins , Chile

Departing from the same beach in Topocalma, 25 kilometres north you’ll find various other spots that are recognised worldwide like Pupuya, Matanzas, Roca Cuadrada and La Boca. If you go 45 kilometres south you’ll be in Pichilemu and there you’ll find the famous Punto de Lobos beach.

In Pichilemu you can enjoy the extraordinary nature, incredible beaches and indescribable marine life, with a bit of luck you’ll be able to see grey whales. You can’t miss the emblematic ‘Morros’ (big rock promontories) that decorate Punta de Lobos. There are many interesting rural routes, like La Ruta de San Andrés, with tourist services, and La Ruta de la Sal which is approximately 25 kilometres long, starts in Cáhuil and offers a combination of crafts, ranches, museums and intriguing nature. 
More about Topocalma?
Topocalma is a beach in the Litueche commune, 45 kilometres from Pichilemu. It’s a windsurfing sanctuary where you’ll find five peaks with impressive lefts and one of the world’... More information
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