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Curral Joul

Curral Joul

Sal Island, Cape Verde


Curral Joul is 40 minutes away from Alibaba, whether you go across the mountains or if you take the road going to Palmeira city and follow it down, passing the Fontana oasis. It’s a dangerous wave, it grows very quickly and breaks in front of sharp rocks. When it’s smaller it’s a bit safer. The best option there is to do a downwinder from Fontana to Alibaba. It’s frequented a lot by people who want to take photos and make videos. If you decide to sail there, it’s not a bad idea to take spare equipment.


It’s a dangerous wave which grows quickly and breaks in front of the rocks, so it’s safer when it’s smaller. The best option is to do a downwind from Fontana to Alibaba. It’s more popular for taking photos and filming. If you want to sail there, it’s recommended that you take spare equipment.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
  • Wind
  • Tide
  • Swell
    N, NW
  • Bottom
  • Size
    2 to 18 ft
  • Time of year
    January, February, March, April, May, June, November, December
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