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Sal Island, Cape Verde


Along with Ponta Preta, Alibaba is one of the best waves in Cape Verde. It’s an exposed reefbreak which has fairly consistent waves and is located north of Monte Leão. There isn’t much around it apart from volcanic rock but with a big swell it’s worth a visit as the clean face of the wave runs from the north of the bay, 500 metres offshore. It only works with N-NE wind, E already being too offshore.

The waves are often quite long, so good for improving your sailing between the beginning and end. If you watch the Windsurf Cape Verde video you’ll see how Josh Angulo sails at full speed for ninety seconds. To go in here you should be in good shape as you may have to swim against the current to get to the shore. Leão, also known as the secret spot, is very near to Alibaba and both tend to be uncrowded.


The exposed pointbreak has fairly consistent waves. The best wind component is N because NE is too offshore. It is the island's longest wave when there is a big swell. The wave starts where the Curral Joul spot ends and it ends in a small bay just before the 'Little Ho'okipa' spot. If you go towards the rocks it can be dangerous and it will normally break all of your equipment because they are sharp and there are sea urchins.
Optimal Conditions
  • Type
  • Wind
  • Tide
    Low, mid
  • Swell
  • Bottom
    Sand, rocks
  • Size
    2 to 10 ft
  • Time of year
    From November to March
Suggested Spots